3rd Meeting of the Working Group on Contract Enforcement

Date: 14th September, 2017

Venue: PRIME Office


  • Review the progress of the project since last working group meeting
    • Experiences from the Lahore FPCCI session
    • Update about the case studies
  • Upcoming project activities
    • Further two case studies on contract enforcement litigation
    • Session on Contract Enforcement at FPCCI Peshawar
  • Discuss the progress on the draft proposal for contract enforcement reforms


  • Ahad Nazir- SDPI
  • Ahmad Bashir- Advocate High Court
  • Faisal Shakil- Waqt News
  • Syed Ali- PRIME Institute
  • Shehryar Aziz- PRIME Institute

Key Points:

PRIME welcomed Mr. Ahad Nazir, from SDPI onboard its working group. The first item on the agenda was to discuss the project’s progress since the last meeting. PRIME had conducted a seminar at FPCCI Lahore on 25th July to discuss issues pertaining to contract enforcement with the business community. Since the participation was low, especially for the business community, this meeting did not go as well as was hoped. Mr. Ahmad Bashir also shared that the Acting President FPCCI Lahore was not any receptive towards the PRIME delegation. He showed mistrust towards think tanks working in Pakistan. PRIME intends to work with chambers, however, this experience has shown that we need to be careful so that the event proceedings remain in control of PRIME. Two main points to remember for the future are:

  1. Having our own list for invitations so that we can ensure attendance of relevant participants
  2. Detailed discussion with partner organization/chambers hosting the event to discuss the reasons for conducting the workshop and the objectives that are to be achieved.

Ahmad also apprised the members about the two case studies (attached herewith) that PRIME has produced on the subject. One case study involved a dispute over an employment contract before the court of a civil judge while the other case study is based on a lawsuit in which the plaintiff failed to produce any evidence before the court despite availing several opportunities. Both are deliverables for the Atlas Network LIFE project. All group members are to review and share feedback on the studies if any.

Next on the agenda was to discuss the future activities of the project.

  1. Two more case studies will be completed in October/November.
  2. Another seminar on contract enforcement is scheduled to be conducted on 28th September, at FPCCI Peshawar.

As previously, Mr. Ahmad Bashir will be the resource person for the seminar in Peshawar.

Mr. Ahad Nazir suggested that it would be better if the seminar is held in collaboration with KPCCI rather than FPCCI as the former is better connected with the industry and its key stakeholders. He further added that PRIME should not rely on FPCCI to invite participants to the seminar; rather it should take this task upon itself to ensure better participation. Ideally, he said, these sessions should be conducted one-on-one with key informed personalities and not in a seminar format. He named Dr. Kamal Monnoo and Nasira Taskeen as two examples. PRIME shall take these suggestions into consideration.

  1. Meeting with the superior judiciary to further advocate the cause of this project
  2. Draft of reform proposal for the standing committee on law and justice – to be completed before the next working group meeting.

The working group will now meet next tentatively in the last week of October.

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