Toward Economic Freedom: Roadmap for Sustainable Private Sector Growth

Due to a rise in investor confidence, Pakistan was upgraded to emerging market status in the MCSI index. Much of this can be attributed to the substantial investment CPEC is bringing to Pakistan as part of the Belt and Road initiative. GDP growth rate is also estimated to be the highest it has been in the last decade, paired with lower inflation and a controlled fiscal deficit. Although this is the ideal path to a healthier economy, the future appears dreary. ‘Toward Economic Freedom’ authored by Huma Sattar has been published by Emel Publications with the support of Policy Research Institute of Market Economy in October 2017. This study makes a case for many issues still ailing the economy that need to be addressed to boost businesses and enable them to grow sustainably. This publication is only possible due to the generous support of FNF Pakistan

Huma Sattar is an economic researcher and analyst, currently working with Business Recorder’s research wing where she covers the economy at large but also specific sectors from a regulatory and competition point of view. She previously worked with Pakistan Business Council on Pakistan’s trade and trade policy issues, with a focus on bilateral trade liberalization with India and enhancing the South Asian regional trade deal. Her research interests include socio-economic development, free markets, and public policy.

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