Ali Salman

Photo of Ali Salman

Ali has a vast experience of working as a consultant economist for major international development organisations and non-profits in Pakistan and other countries. He is author of more than thirty independent studies, reports and monographs on wide range of topics including regional trade, public finance, economic reforms, competition policy, innovation policy, private sector development, corporate governance, international development, and youth policy. Ali is a visiting fellow at Institute of Economic Affairs, London; an alumnus of International Academy of Leadership, Germany and Atlas Leadership Academy, USA. He is also affiliated in advisory capacity with several international organisations such as Istanbul Network for Liberty; Association for Freedom Research, Turkey; and Free Enterprise and Democracy Network, USA. He is the founder of Policy Research Institute of Market Economy, an economic policy think tank in Pakistan. He holds master degrees in Economics, Public Policy and Business Administration. He writes op-eds for Express Tribune, a partner publication with New York Times.

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