PRIME in the United States

Ali Salman, founder PRIME Institute visited PRIME’s US partners Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Atlas Network on July 3rd, 2018 based in Washigton DC and Virginia. These partners have been supporting PRIME in projects like Cities Competitiveness, Fiscal Redistribution and Liberty Chowk. All partners appreciated the impact our activities have had through these […]

Provincial Tracking Report 2017/18

Prime Institute has just launched its Provincial Tracking report which covers the performance of the political parties in the provinces tracking the Election Manifesto’s set in 2013. This report is your guide to understand which Political Party is performing well. Want to read more ? click on this link to access our latest Provincial tracking report.

Federal Budget 2018-19 SWOT Analysis

After 5 years of PML-N Tenure and the first National Assembly to present a 6th Federal Budget since independence. PRIME looks at the strength and weaknesses and discusses about the opportunities and threats that come with this Budget. To read more on the federal budget click on Federal budget 2018/19 swot analysis    

PML-N: Success in Energy and Economic Performance, Faltering in Privatization

Islamabad based Economic Policy Think Tank the Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME), which has been regularly tracking the PMLN’s performance against its election manifesto has issued its final report analyzing the government’s performance over the past 5 years.  The report shows that the PML-N during five years of government has only partially succeeded in fulfilling manifesto promises to their […]

Tariff Simplification Necessary for Improved Regional Trade

Ministry of Commerce and Textile organized a consultative seminar on National Tariff Policy (NTP) on 26th April 2018 at the Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi. The purpose of this seminar was to bring together trade experts and stakeholders from academia, think tanks, business community and the relevant government departments to propose recommendations for the upcoming National Tariff Policy 2018-23 being formulated […]

Peshawar: An Uncompetitive Metropolitan with the Highest Growth Rate

Peshawar amongst the least competitive cities in Pakistan, yet the fastest growing city according to a report “Cities as Drivers of Growth” published by Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME) Institute. The report which was launched at the Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industries measures competitiveness between the four provincial capitals and the Federal Capital. Islamabad was ranked 1st, […]

Synergies Essential for Cities’ Development: Sheikh Anser Aziz

The Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz, appreciated PRIME Institute’s report “Cities as Drivers of Growth” at a meeting held on Thursday, April 19th facilitated by the Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Ayesha Bilal, Chief Operating Officer at PRIME Institute presented the report to Mayor Islamabad. The mayor appreciated the initiative taken by PRIME Institute and said there was […]

The Future of Bitcoin and Crypto currencies

Written by Waqas Ahmed In the early 17th Century, demand for Tulips in the Dutch Republic rose so high, that people of all trades – including aristocrats, carpenters, cobblers, and merchants – were willing to pay the cost of houses in order to buy them – it was known as the Tulipmania. It was a bubble, and like with all […]

Reliability of economic freedom indicators debatable

KUALA LUMPUR: As per Canada-based Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World report, Pakistan’s ranking in terms of economic freedom has improved 10 notches and it stood at 127th position out of total 159 countries.