Consultative Session: Contract Enforcement in the KPK

PRIME Institute organized a consultative session on contract enforcement at the Planning and Development Department of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday (28th of September 2017).

Scholar and Corporate Lawyer Ahmed Bashir gave a detailed presentation of the current dismal state of contract enforcement in Pakistan. He highlighted that the laws dealing with commercial disputes have become outdated. He added that legislation, as well as court rules, could be improved to reduce the time taken to resolve commercial disputes. Mr Bashir also stressed that alternative dispute resolution must be mainstreamed in order to truly move towards a sustainable solution.

Syed Sabir Ali Shah Senior Policy Advisor to Planning and Development Department congratulated PRIME for leading the way to improve Pakistan’s contract enforcement ranking. He stated that the Planning and Development Department was currently working on projects which would result in the improvement of access to justice. He stressed that PRIME could collaborate with the KPK government on a number of issues, including contract enforcement and tax reform.

Muhammad Shoaib Khan President Tribal Areas Chambers of Commerce stated that the businesses in the tribal belt were operating in an environment where contract enforcement is weak, which raises the risk of their businesses. Mr Shoaib also said that the businesses in the tribal belt were not happy with the implementation of the Sales tax, which was affecting several important industries.

President of the Bannu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Abdur Rauf Shah highlighted some of the problems faced by Businesses in Bannu, especially those engaged in cross-border trade. He said that businesses in Bannu generally feel insecure about policies coming from the center, which does not take their specific needs and limitations into account.

Vice President FPCCI Rasheed Paracha stressed that PRIME should collaborate with the Chambers from all over the country to raise awareness around tax reform. Chairman of the All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association Mr Farhan Khan also said that the associations and chambers based in the KPK should be taken into confidence regarding  PRIME’s tax reform proposal. Mr Farhan shared that the APCEA (All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association) is also engaged in alternative dispute resolution and had arbitrated 45 such cases successfully, and would be eager to collaborate with PRIME to improve the state of ADR in the KPK, and all over Pakistan.


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