Islamabad tops 2018, Lahore in 2nd

Islamabad has been ranked the most competitive city of Pakistan, by policy research think tank, The Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME). These findings were made public in a report titled “Metropolitan Competitiveness Index: Cities as Drivers of growth” which was launched at the Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industries. In its first year, the Metropolitan Competitiveness Index measured competitiveness […]

Event Report: 1st National Conference on Open Trade

PRIME Institute organized the 1st National Conference on Open Trade at the Marriott, Islamabad. The conference was held for the purpose of public-private consultation on the upcoming Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2018-23. Chief guest for the occasion, Naeem Zamindar, Chairman Board of Investment lauded the initiative by PRIME for organizing such a gathering which brought together economists, industrialists, and […]

National Conference on Open Trade: Public Private Consultation on STPF 2018-23

Background The Ministry of Commerce is in the final stages of formulating a draft of Pakistan’s 5-year trade policy — Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2018-2023. As in case of the earlier Frameworks, this policy will primarily focus on boosting the country’s dwindling exports. However, the time horizon for achieving the objectives is five years instead of three years as […]

Student For Liberty Islamabad Retreat

PRIME Institute took the initiative of organizing a retreat for Students for Liberty Pakistan members on February 3, 2018, at PRIME HQ in Islamabad. SFL Local Coordinators from all over Pakistan gathered in Islamabad to talk about economic freedom and a Libertarian future for Pakistan. Syed Ali Ehsan, Program Director PRIME shared a presentation on classical liberalism while Ayesha Bilal, COO […]

Consultation: Lahore City Competitiveness

A consultative session on metropolitan competitiveness was organized in Lahore. The session was attended by government representatives, businessmen leaders, and academics. The sessions are being conducted by PRIME scholars Mr Zia Banday, Syed Ali, and Ms Aniqa Arshad. The existing endowments of Lahore identified at the Lahore Consultative Session were it being a high concentration area for education institutions, known […]

Event Update: NFC Conference

Dr Kaiser Bengali, Technical Member NFC, Balochistan, opined that NFC should be used to enhance social equity. He shared that the 7th National Finance Commission (NFC) Award expired in 2015 but to this date, no new award has been announced. Policy Paper: “Rethinking the NFC” by Dr Kaiser Bengali and Iffat Ara. In his presentation Dr. Kaiser Bengali said that the current […]

Report Launch – Light at the End of the Tunnel

23rd of January, 2018 Policy Research Institute of Market Economy in its 10th Federal Tracking Report, scored the PMLN 6.3 out of a total of 10 points. This score was derived by averaging PMLN performance on economic revival and energy security goals, where PML(N) scored 5.78 and 6.73 respectively. The 10th Federal Tracking Report, titled “Light at the end of the tunnel” […]

Improving Metropolitan Competitiveness of Pakistani Cities: Peshawar & Islamabad

Nationwide consultations are being organized by the Policy Research Institute of Market Economy with the support of the Center for International Private Enterprise, to gather views, opinions, and suggestions for improving the competitiveness, business environment, and livability of major Metropolitan cities and Urban centres of Pakistan. Two sessions were held this week, in Peshawar and in Islamabad. The sessions were […]

4th National Debt Conference

The 4th National Debt Conference was held in Islamabad on the 26th of October 2017. The topic of the Conference was Debt, Spending, and Resource Allocation. Dr. Almut Besold of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom called for greater discussion and debate on the improvement of fiscal management mechanisms in Pakistan. She said that the National Debt Conference was held […]