Improving Pakistan’s Contract Enforcement Ranking: WG Meeting 2

PRIME Institute conducted the second meeting its working group on Improving Pakistan’s Contract Enforcement ranking at its headquarters in Islamabad. The meeting was attended by Awais Siraj from Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit; Khalid Mahmood, DG Trade Dispute Resolution Organisation; Faisal Shakeel,  Senior Journalist at Waqt News; Ahmad Bashir, Advocate Supreme Court; Shimail Daud, Former President, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce […]

Working Group Meeting on Improvement of Pakistan’s contract enforcement ranking

Weak and outdated civil laws around contracts are the biggest impediment to their enforcement. This was held in agreement by members of the civil society, the business community, media, and government in the 2nd Working Group meeting to Improve Pakistan’s Contract Enforcement Ranking, organised by the Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME).

Meeting at Ministry of Commerce

PRIME Institute was invited to give a presentation to the senior officials of the Ministry of Commerce including Mr Younas Dagha, Secretary Commerce; Mr. Asad Hayauddin, Additional Secretary and senior officers including the Joint and Deputy Secretaries. The delegation from PRIME Institute consisted of Dr Manzoor Ahmad- President (Hon), Ayesha Bilal- COO, and Shehryar Aziz- Research Associate. Each participant was […]

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