One Nation, One Tax, FairTax

ایک عوام ۔ ایک ٹیکس۔ فئر ٹیکس

Since 2003 the number of tax filers has fallen significantly. With every passing day, the tax code grows more complex, making it difficult and costly to enforce/ comply. At the same time, taxpayers feel harassed by collection authorities, and shamed in public media campaigns ironically funded by our own taxes. 

While the government and international agencies lay blame on the citizens of Pakistan, the truth is that the majority of citizens are paying taxes in one form or the other, and remain not only unacknowledged but also deprived of the most basic rights as tax paying citizens.

The result is a tax code full of indirect taxes which are regressive in nature, i.e the less you have, the more you pay as a percentage of your income. Such a code rewards aggressive tax planning, and those with the most influence in the power corridors. It encourages corruption!

The truth is, that our current tax code fails miserably to reliably ensure revenues for our government to function without debt. We want a Fair and Simple Tax code for Pakistan. We need an alternative Tax Policy which is reliable and cultivates voluntary compliance, businesses growth, and transparency; and at the same time provides a substantial increase in revenue for our government to function and serve our most urgent needs.

Towards flat, Low-Rate, Broad and Predictable Taxes

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