Training: Promoting Markets and Entrepreneurship

At the invitation and sponsorship of FNF Pakistan, PRIME Institue’s Head of Marketing and Communications Syed Ali participated at the IAF training on Promoting Markets and Entrepreneurship at the Theodore Heuss Akademie in Gummersbach, Germany from the 13th of August till the 25th of August.

The training consisted of around 26 participants, with representation from East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America and North America. Participants were from nonprofit backgrounds, as well as from academia, and the business community.

The participants were welcomed by Ms Bettina Sollinger, Director at IAF. Facilitators included Ms Jyoti Sachawirawong, Wulf Pabst, and Julian Kirschener. The participants spent a total of 7 days in Gummersbach, 4 days in Hamburg, and a day in Cologne.

In Gummersbach, The participants studied startup cultures in major startup hubs, market regulation, incentives to generate entrepreneurial activity, rule of law and many others. The main mode of training was case studies. Sessions were also conducted by academics such as Dr Emmanual Martin, and Dr Klaus Heiner Rohl.

In the Hamburg excursion, the participants conducted meetings with Social Impact Labs, an incubation center for social enterprises. They had a productive session with an interim manager, who specialized in getting struggling businesses on their feet.

All in all, the training proved to be a great opportunity for networking, sharing of ideas, and also provided insight into the emerging policy positions around the development of new markets, and entrepreneurial hubs.

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