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To the democratically elected, and constitutional Federal Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Since 2003 the number of tax filers has fallen significantly. With every passing day, the tax code grows more complex, making it difficult and costly to comply with. At the same time, taxpayers feel harassed by collection authorities. While the government and international agencies lay blame on the citizens of Pakistan, the truth is that the majority of citizens are paying taxes in one form or the other, and remain not only unacknowledged but also deprived of the most basic rights as tax paying citizens, Education and Healthcare.
Under these circumstances, it is imperative to devise a system that would ensure voluntary compliance, boost businesses growth, ensure transparency, and at the same time substantially increase revenue for our government to function.

To make this a reality we the undersigned respectfully petition you to take the following steps on an immediate basis:

  1. End the undue harassment of Pakistani citizens in the name of tax collection
  2. Provide basic facilities to all taxpaying citizens, not just files
  3. Announce a five-year predictable tax policy
  4. Reduce the number of taxes to one flat rate income tax, and one sales tax
  5. A single stage customs duty on all imports

Towards flat, Low-Rate, Broad and Predictable Taxes

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