Little Theory, So much Practice

In usual parlance, a Bootcamp is a training of military conscripts. The Liberal Video Bootcamp was a different matter altogether: some 25 liberal activists and citizen journalists came together for three action packed days in Colombo (Sri Lanka) to learn how to produce short, high quality videos using nothing but their smartphones and an app downloadable free of charge.

At the invitation and sponsorship of FNF Pakistan, PRIME Institute’s Communication executive Faizan Malik participated in the Liberal Video Bootcamp focusing on mobile journalism and short video production and editing in Colombo, Sri Lanka from the 1st of September till the 4th of September.

The training consisted of around 20 participants, with representation from East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East. Participants were from nonprofit backgrounds, as well as from academia and a few from political backgrounds.

The participants welcomed by Dr. Ronald Meinardus, Regional Director South Asia at FNF. Facilitators included Ms. Vineeti Singh, Mr. Tauseef Haider, Mr. Arif, and Yusuf Omar founder of “#OURSTORIES”.

The participants studied the basics of mobile videography, post processing and all the equipment’s that can be used for mobile video making. The main mode of training was two assignments one Individual and the other a group session. The second part of the session was dedicated towards the impact of selfie journalism in today’s modern times and how is it a tool that will take over the world in the coming near future.

This part of the session was moderated by Yusuf Omar who is an ex CNN and BBC reporter/Journalist and the founder of #OURSTORIES, a platform that unites everyone on a single page and its main purpose is to promote the art of selfie journalism and to provide the world with factual news and groundbreaking realities.

The participants were given two assignments focusing on the topic “Freedom” and were given 2 hours to plan, execute and post process the video.

All in all, the training proved to be a great opportunity for networking, sharing of ideas, and also provided insight into the emerging world of social media and technology and how one can make the most of it to bring about a positive change in the society.


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