Meeting: KPK Establishment Department

PRIME Chief Operating Officer Ms. Ayesha Bilal held a meeting at the Establishment Department, KP, with the Deputy Secretary Policy, Ms. Naghmana on September 28th, 2017. Ms. Naghmana lauded the initiative of PRIME and gave certain recommendations as well to improve the impact of the manifesto tracking report. She suggested that the report findings should also be shared with the Chief Secretary of each province along with the CM. Similarly, the scorecard can be shared with the heads of the respective political parties so that they too should know the performance of their party vis-à-vis their manifesto.
The Deputy Secretary also requested that the report findings should be shared with the provincial government in advance of its official launch, to provide them with an opportunity to confirm the findings and furnish any updates that may have been missed. The government would be interested in providing data for the fields marked ‘no data available’, in a bid to improve its score.

Ms. Bilal also apprised the Dty. Secy about the ‘Metropolitan Cities Competitiveness Index’ project of PRIME being carried out in collaboration with CIPE. Ms. Naghmana assured full support to PRIME for the said project.

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