Nationwide Consultative Round-Tables on Metropolitan Competitiveness

Join PRIME Institute in a Roundtable Consultation on Improving Metropolitan Competitiveness. We are carrying out a research-based assessment and comparison of the economic potential, productivity, and business policy environment of major metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

Our purpose is to develop a benchmark for economic governance, in the form of an accessible publication. To achieve this, we are conducting a study to analyze and compare Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta based on :

1) Economic Dynamism,
2) Infrastructure and Efficiency,
3) and Livability Aspects

We will be organizing nationwide focus groups for senior government officials, businessmen, academics and policy professionals to gather insights and observations for the development of the study. You can participate in the Round-table by registering. Students are not encouraged to apply as applications will not be accepted. Venues will be disclosed upon confirmation of your application.

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