Platinum Subscriptions

The Corporate subscription has been especially designed for the needs of Corporate management.  The subscription package includes the following

Exclusive Briefings

All Corporate clients have the option of an exclusive briefing each month on the latest issue of the PPR.  The briefing will be provided a member of the PPR research team, to an audience of your choice. This service is suitable for Corporate boards. Organisations have the option of hosting the briefings in a conference or seminar format, for a larger audience. 

CPEC Monitor

A short form quarterly publication containing the latest on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Multiple copies can be made available on request.


12 electronic copies, one for each issue, in PDF format. This copy is meant to be easily uploaded to the institutional server for sharing across your organisation.


Every subscription includes 12 issues, for each month. Up to 5 additional copies per issue are also made available for free on request.  A corporate subscriber is entitled to unlimited multiple hard copies at the discounted rate of PKR500 per additional report.