PRIME Policy Report | PPR

The PRIME Policy Report is an economic journal for businesses and investors. PRIME Policy Report-PPR is a comprehensive subscription based monthly publication that provides actionable intelligence at both micro and macro levels of the economy. Each report is segmented into: business climate review, an in-depth analysis of emerging business trends and an accessible bird-eye view of major economic developments. It is a one stop information hub for business leaders, SMEs, Corporations, trade commissions, MNCs, institutions and individuals aspiring to understand the policy dynamics, business prospects


  • Governance
  • Taxes/ Tariffs
  • Contract Enforcement & Reforms
  • Inflation & Sound Money
  • Business Regulations
  • Property Rights
  • Regulatory Trade Barriers
  • Capital Control
  • Credit Market


“We have been very impressed with PRIME’s recent initiative of policy reports, which are read by our members. PRIME’s recent reports on matters like CPEC and important subjects like status of Intellectual Property Rights in Pakistan are a timely initiative “

Abdul Aleem General Secretary, OICCI

“These policy reports are filling the knowledge gap on economic realities in Pakistan. As a regular reader, I find these reports simple to understand yet comprehensive enough to highlight the current status on topics covered.”


Hammad Siddiqui Country Director, CIPE

“PRIME Institute is perhaps the only think tank that addresses key issues in broad macro-economics from the lens of the business community. PRIME’s Analytical Reports fill an important gap between the policy space and the specific needs of businesses, big or small.”

Sohaib Jamali Research Editor | Business Recorder