PRIME Young Fellows Workshop 2016

The PRIME Young Fellows Workshop was held in Murree from the 9th to the 11th of December. A total of 16 participants took part in the 2-day workshop. The participants came in from diverse backgrounds including political science, economics, statistical research, Information technology, and even civil engineering.

The Young Fellows of PRIME all came to the workshop with a wonderful range of social ideas, aimed at improving governance and economic management in Pakistan. PRIME Institute’s faculty prepared presentations including Welcome NoteIndividual Liberty,  Converting Ideas into Action,  Libertarian Entrepreneurship and Effective Communications and so on.

PRIME Institute’s Executive Director Ali Salman distributed certificates at the end of the workshop. He appreciated the depth of knowledge and talent in the Younger generation of Pakistan. He called for greater participation of PRIME’s Young Fellows in social projects and encouraged greater engagement with the private sector.

The Workshop was organised by PRIME in association with the Network for a Free Society, a UK-based libertarian organisation dedicated to the education of younger people in Free Market Economics.

List of Participants

  • Abdul Sattar
  • Abdul Shakoor
  • Andaleeb Ismail
  • Aneel Shahzad
  • Dr Wajeeha Shafqat
  • Waqas Ahmad

  • Fayyaz Yaseen
  • Mansoor Abbass
  • Muhammad Adeel
  • Muhammad Nasir
  • Musharaf Zahoor
  • Muhammad Farooq

  • Nashia Ajaz
  • Sohain Saeed
  • Suhrab Khan
  • Agha Hamza
  • Awais Abid



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