State, Market and the Economy in Pakistan: Historical Analysis & Future Prospects

PRIME Institute organised a two days residential colloquium “State, Market and the Economy in Pakistan: Historical Analysis & Future Prospects” for mid-career academics, social scientists, activists, economists and public intellectuals based in Pakistan on 18th-20th December 2015. The purpose of this colloquium was to review competing intellectual paradigms about the history of Pakistan’s economy and to evolve an intellectual and public resolve about its future direction. In addition, the objective was to promote independent and reasoned discourse over economic challenges in the context of role of the state and the market in the economy. This colloquium was organized with the support of Network for a Free Society, a UK based charitable organization.

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3 thoughts on “State, Market and the Economy in Pakistan: Historical Analysis & Future Prospects

  1. Who will ensure the Human Rights?
    Anwer Baig

    Islamabad-The nation, (20 karore people) support the statement of the Honorable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with a humble request to ensure the access to justice to each as the equal gender with equal right and respect at gross root level courts the very hub of all sort of human rights violation and negation of our fundamental rights, untold corruption, delaying tactics, and inhuman presentation of the accused before the judges or the magistrate for proceedings.
    The higher courts and their honorable judges have not imagine such situation what happens with poor when brought to the court and presented before the judge for remand or the extension in remand period.

    (It is interesting) to note for the higher judiciary, especially, that the judge at district court never ask the police for the production of the accused and never ask even one question to the accused, when he was arrested, where placed, tortured, abused, the status of the FIR, on whose behalf it was registered and whether the accused had the copy, his parents or the concerned family were informed.
    It is interesting to note here with reference to the basic rights of the people ensured in the constitution of Pakistan that the concerned judge is lawfully responsible to have dialogue with the accused, ask the police his /her health condition, time of arrest, registration of an FIR, and ensuring the health and mental condition of the accused or the arrested and demanding the same at the provision of the accused for the second time extension in remand or regular proceedings in the concerned court.
    It is very easy and fashioning to talk about the human rights and their protection but it needs the real spirit to fight back the evils killing the spirit of the human dignities by just foul and illicit practicing of the law and unavailability of the rigorous accountability culture for the rich or the elites or the higher judiciary like, justice, Quyum Malik.

    Another major factor that denies the human rights at gross root level at large is the time factor that puts the poor in more trouble and miseries (Zillat) along with the wasting of money and a continued metal torture.
    My dear Chief Justice, it could all be managed if we were sincere to have the Pakistan and had its value as an independent home to live with dignity and honour having access to justice to all.
    Unfortunately, Pakistan becomes a lottery for the many that captured its command by different tricky measures and translated its values and means and the sovereignty to their vested interests.

    We the 200 million people request and hope that the sitting judiciary will do its best to ensure access to justice to each as the equal gender with equal right and respect in the society and guarantee the access to economic justice to each by translating and ordering the ruling elite to open doors for the deprived and the suffering in the society and stopping looting their economic right in terms of looting them in the consumer market by raising the consumer price index (CPI) by different tactics and maneuvering in the stock market, raising power prices, gas prices, phone prices, taxes on the mobile uses, books and related items for education, insecure and unhealthy jobs for the poor with no say, no compensation.

    About 3rd year is passing since the PM. Nawaz Sharif has assumed the office but nothing has been done for the THAR VICTMS dying as the cattle and the SHUDERS despite funding of billions. Nobody has been framed of doing the wrong with the Thar people nor has the said report been provided to the prime minister neither to the public.
    The dying score of the kids reaching to about 200 excluding the previous year’s more than 250.

    Many more believe that the political process will do the needful to bring about the desired changes for meeting the needs of the common man. It will never happen nor did it happen at any cost unless ensuring the availability of the justice to each and a rigorous accountability culture for the criminal, the looters and the mal practitioners.
    The availability of the people rights is conditional and proportional to the availability and ensuring of the justice to each as the equal gender with equal right and respect in the society and it needs to have it done otherwise it is just a dream that never come true, the same in the past 70 years we are waiting for the change based on the social justice.

    Note-The economy is well for the rich but at the same time worse for the poor because of the unavailability of the justice to each as the equal gender with equal rights, should the think tanks talk about this issue too?

  2. Institutions run and managed by the youth can play a major role in making or breaking the social system hopefully to ensure youth empowerment so as to make them sharing/partners in planning,financing,implementing,monitoring and evaluating the running development projects at district or the gross root level (TMA) where there more than 90 % issue of the public are related with the district management and the district judiciary, funded of billions for same cause.
    But unfortunately, we have,t recognized this hard fact so far and almost going to the district management and district judiciary as the beggars.

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