Writers from the Street

PRIME Institute organized a talk on “Writers from the Street” on 30th July, 2015 in Islamabad Hotel with support from Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

In this talk, the speaker Mr. Munawar Shakeel, a cobbler by profession for last 3 decades, talking about his poetry, he said that the elite and middle classes of the society have always subjected the lower classes to discrimination, and there is no one to raise a voice against the miseries and discrimination they face.

“I want to speak for the lower classes through my poetry, and those things which cannot be said directly, I want to say them through verse.”

The second speaker Mr. Asif Hussain Shah, a cab driver based in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, published his book ‘For Hire’ in 2009. While talking about his book, he said that it is based on experiences and thoughts he gathered from passengers who traveled in his taxi. As a taxi driver he faced many hardships and never lost hope, he gave this message to the young generation that

“Your life is an opportunity to create meaning”

One thought on “Writers from the Street

  1. It is great job you have done for the voice of the deprived people in the society.No doubt, they are least listened to the high level society people and there problems remain as the same.I think, they should have heir own union that should also conduct such poetry contest and open talk on the social problems of the lower class people and project heir issues to the wider raged media in the country.
    I believe that the struggle can pay the deprived but it needs unity and a well managed council or the executive body to talk to concerned departments for the resolution of he problems.

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