A frivolous lawsuit (2017)

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Asad Malik became a cellular service subscriber of Herring Sky, a private limited company, in 2012. For this purpose, Asad executed the customer services agreement. He had a postpaid connection and had also subscribed to international roaming facility provided by Herring Sky. During July 2013, he went abroad on a
business trip and was utilizing the international roaming facility provided by Herring Sky. While on the trip, he found out that his cellular service had been terminated. He contacted the customer services to inquire about the reason and was informed that his account services had been suspended because he had a liability of Rs. 55,000/-, which far exceeded his credit limit of Rs. 15,000/-.

Due to suspension of cellular service, Asad claimed that his clients were unable to contact him and made him accountable as to why he was unreachable while abroad, when he was sent for a specific purpose. They questioned his level of professionalism and even his motives for going abroad.
Asad contacted the customer services desk several times seeking an explanation for the ordeal he had to face, but claimed that the he received no satisfactory explanation. Therefore, he sent a legal notice to the Chief Executive Officer of Herring Sky on the 3rdof December, 2013. Upon receiving no reply even after passage of four months, on 21stJune, 2014, Asad filed a lawsuit against Herring Sky.

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