About Us

About Prime

Our Mission is to increase understanding of public policy based on these principles. We are fiercely independent, and non-partisan, with distinguished scholars from across Pakistan.

PRIME has entered a new phase in its journey in 2020 while Pakistan’s economy is passing through another transition. While some macroeconomic indicators are improving, and stabilization is visible, there is a consensus that sustainable economic growth can only be achieved by addressing structural and governance issues. We believe that the central thread in resolving this puzzle lies in creation of competitive markets.

We are committed to play our role as a think tank, as a coalition-builder, and as a catalyst for economic development. Our strategy combines research, public education, online talk shows, coalition building, advocacy and lobbying.

Our funders are successful entrepreneurs and business owners in Pakistan and
overseas Pakistanis who are sympathetic to our vision and objectives. We also conduct special projects, training workshops and educational courses.

As a step towards coalition-building, we have launched Taxpayers Alliance Pakistan, which has 117 members drawing from business, academia and various professions.

Our trustees are leading entrepreneurs including Zahid Hussain, CEO of Borjan (Pvt) Ltd., Mohammed Rajpar, Managing Director of General Shipping Agencies, Jawad Aslam, CEO of Ansaar Management Company and Nasir A Mahmood, a real estate business leader. We have set up a Research Board, which comprises of 16 researchers and academics of diverse backgrounds. We have also established Economic Advisory Group, comprising of eminent individuals from economics, business and policy.

Goals for 2021-2023

  1. Creating a sustainable business model for the organization
  2.  Publishing original contents on regulations, taxation, and trade
  3.  Building constituencies and networks for reforms
  4.  Contributing and collaborating for reforms in the policy framework
  5.  Educating students, academia, journalists, professionals, legal community,
    entrepreneurs, civil servants and interested members of the public

Our Programme

Prime Reports
Prime Reports are brief reports prepared by our staff and fellows on topical issues in the economy and business climate, typically issued once a month.
Prime Buzz
A weekly roundup of news on the business climate, capturing growth drivers, risk factors and policy signals in Pakistan’s economy.
Prime Notes
Prime Notes are briefs prepared by our staff and fellows with a precise description of the problem and a policy proposal. These can also take the form of an assessment of existing policies as well as review of major reports or publications by the government or other organizations.
Liberty Chowk
Liberty Chowk is a fortnightly on-line talk show on how business interacts with the state and society. This is based on current topics. For example, what role free enterprise can and have played in the context of the coronavirus crisis.

Pakistan Prosperity Forum
The Pakistan Prosperity Forum is our flagship annual event that brings leaders from the private sector and government together, to deliberate on the progress and challenges to prosperity of individuals and enterprises.

In 2021, we aim to launch a ‘The Transformation Manifesto’ that is a forward-looking document setting goals for next three years and mobilizing cross-partisan consensus.


Policy Research Institute of Market Economy

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