Pakistan Prosperity Report

Pakistan Prosperity Index: March 2021.

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PRIME’s latest Prosperity Index reveals an encouraging picture of Pakistan’s economic rebound. The new year began with Pakistan Prosperity Index (PPI) standing at the highest mark, 126.1 (January 2021). A special feature of this edition is simultaneous improvement in purchasing power, credit to private sector and growth in large-scale manufacturing.

The financial and business uncertainties of 2020 have been carried forward in 2021 across the globe. However, Pakistan’s economy appears to be struggling less relative to its regional counterparts with key economic indicators on the rise. The report establishes the increase in prosperity as a result of the improvement in three out of four indicators aggregated to calculate PPI namely, purchasing power, private sector credit and growth of large-scale manufacturing.

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Pakistan Prosperity Index September 2020

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Prosperity Index has recorded a new high on the back of improvements in large-scale industrial manufacturing, trade volume and long-term loans to private sector for fixed investment.

Pakistan’s has exhibited a commendable economic recovery from the recession that resulted due to measures taken to deal with Covid-19 outbreak. Not only has the country made a recovery but economic prosperity, as calculated by the Pakistan Prosperity Report, has also has registered a new high, since the base period of June 2019.

Although large-scale manufacturing, long-term credit to private sector and total trade volume are improving, a double-digit inflation rate should be a cause for concern for the government.

Monthly prosperity index has been charted from August 2019 to July 2020. The results reveal a new high in prosperity during this period.

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Pakistan Prosperity Report (PPR) April 2020

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The analysis in Pakistan Prosperity Report (April 2020) is based on the data for January and February 2020. For a long- term view, data for the period of June 2019-February 2020 is separately covered. The report first provides a general overview of macro-economy and then provides a snapshot of its second month-to-month growth in the prosperity.

The report finds that over the second half of the FY 2019, Pakistan witnessed an overall improvement in the prosperity based on an increase in trade volume, purchasing power and investment in the private sector, though decreasing output of largescale manufacturing resulted in headwinds. For the second month-to-month comparison, between January and February 2020, the report finds that Pakistan continued to exhibit improvement in prosperity indicators.

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Pakistan Prosperity Report (PPR) March 2020

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Pakistan Prosperity Report (PPR) is a monthly review of Pakistan’s macro-economy based on the analysis of four periodic data sets- industrial production, trade volume, price levels, and private sector lending. The concept behind this report is intuitive- a higher level of industrial output, increases in trade volumes, more lending to the private sector and an improvement in the purchasing power of individuals are indicators of a strong economy, signaling the prosperity of both firms and households.

The analysis in PPR (March 2020) is based on the data for December 2019 and January 2020. For a long- term view, data for the period of June 2019-December 2019 is separately covered.

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