Dynamics of the Pakistan stock market (2016)

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An efficient matching of saving and investment play a fundamental role in the economic growth of a country. One of the prerequisites for this is a well-functioning stock market which provides a platform for the mobilisation of savings and then allocates these savings for investment through a variety of debt and equity instruments. An efficient stock market requires innovative products, large number of buyers and sellers, competition, transparency, less regulatory burden and less government intervention.

Despite being best in the region, our stock market is unable to perform its primary function of mobilising funds from domestic and foreign savings and diverting them towards public investment. Analysis presented in this study will highlight some of the challenges which inhibit our stock market from playing its due role. Since three regional stock markets of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad have now merged into a single stock market earlier this year, the study will also shed light on the extent to which this merger can be helpful in overcoming these challenges.


Policy Research Institute of Market Economy

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