Light at the End of the Tunnel (2018)

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PML-N Economic Performance: Light at the End of the Tunnel is the 10th and final federal tracking report under the Government Policy Scorecard project which reviews Pakistan’s economic performance by tracking the progress made on the implementation of the economic manifesto announced by the party in power in Islamabad, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). The purpose is to initiate and inform policy dialogue and public debate on the progress made on the economic agenda of PML-N. This tracking directly serves the basic principle of a functioning democracy: accountability. Current report covers progress made during July-December 2017

The report picks two distinct sections of the PML-N manifesto: Economic Revival and Energy Security, which it terms as ȃEconomic AgendaȄ. These two ȃAreasȄ are then divided into ȃComponentsȄ and ȃSub-componentsȄ. In most cases, these are based on a simple reproduction of text of the manifesto, and in some cases, some editing has been carried out for clarification and structure, but without altering the meaning of the authors of the manifesto. Under the area of Economic Revival, 10 components and 57 sub-components (or targets) have been identified. Energy Security includes 15 components (out of which 10 are targets) and 22 sub-components, making a total of 32 targets. In sum, the report tracks 89 targets. In its 10th and final instalment, the report assigns scores on 84 targets, subject to information availability, based on the progress recorded. On 5 targets, no score is awarded.

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