Ali Salman

Founder and Managing Trustee

Ali Salman is founder and Managing Trustee of PRIME, which he founded in 2013

He recently re-joined after a stint as CEO of Malaysian think tank IDEAS, where he was based during 2017-2020.

He is also co-founder and CEO of Islam and Liberty Network, a global platform for researchers and academics ‘promoting a Muslim Case’ for religious, economic, and political freedoms.

Ali Salman’s diverse career spans more than 20 years in the government, private sector, social enterprise, international development, think tanks, and universities.

He has also served various government entities in advisory capacities.

As a nation, we cannot come out of the vicious circle of poverty and dependence without creating wealth. I founded PRIME to improve our understanding of which policies, rules and regulations that we need to help create wealth for all those who are ready to make an effort

Ali holds master’s degrees in economics, public policy, and business administration.

Ali Salman

Ali Salman
Founder and Managing Trustee

Mail: [email protected]


  • Master’s degrees in economics
  • Master’s degrees in Public Policy
  • Master’s degrees in Business administration.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Reforms
  • Islam and Economics
  • Public Policy


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