Arooj Kamran

Business Operations Manager

Arooj Kamran holds a degree of Bachelor’s and MPhil in International Development Studies from Iqra University.

She has vast experience in the development sector with multiple donors and local NGOs.

Her working experience includes tasks associated with communications, research, and training, more specifically designing, delivering training modules, managing operations, and human resources.

Ali Salman’s diverse career spans more than 20 years in the government, private sector, social enterprise, international development, think tanks, and universities.

She is also managing the official website and social media handle.

I possess mediation and negotiation skills which enable me to further the interests of my clients and reach win-win outcomes based on our economic analysis

Arooj has maintained an active network with media in print and electronic media and is responsible for getting the press release published in national dailies. As an additional charge, she is also managing the finance department for PRIME Institute.

Arooj Kamran

Business Operations Manager

Mail: [email protected]


  • MPhil in International Development Studies
  • Degree of Bachelor

Areas of Expertise

  • Economics
  • Public Policy


Policy Research Institute of Market Economy

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