Pakistan Prosperity Index- November 2020

Pakistan Prosperity Index inches lower to 103.7 in August – a decline of 3.8 percentage points as compared to July. Over a 12-month period, the trend faces a downward-sloping trajectory.

As against base value of 100 in Jun 2019, PPI lower at 89.1 in Aug 2020

Output of large-scale manufacturing industry faced a sharp hit. As against the index value of 101.4 for July, LSMI stood significantly lower at 94.6 in August. As compared to July, total trade volume contracted by12.6% in August.

Fixed investment loans disbursed to the private sector grew by 6.8% in August 2020, to reach Rs. 246.4 billion. PSLI has improved to 156.8 in August as compared to 146.9 in July.

Wide-scale flooding across various parts of the country, in particular Karachi, had a serious toll on the economy in August. The port city received heaviest rainfall ever recorded in a single day, over a span of 53 years. Port operation saw suspension and several areas of the city underwent a forced power black-out to prevent damage due to electrocution.

Over a 12-month period, stagnancy in international trade and large-scale manufacturing position, together with near double digit inflation rate is resulting in downward-sloping economic prosperity. To read more, download the file attached below:


Policy Research Institute of Market Economy

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