Dr. Khalil Ahmad

Dr. Khalil is a political economist and a political philosopher. He cherishes a cosmopolitan spirit and considers himself a moralist and a rationalist. He founded the first free market think tank in Pakistan, Alternate Solutions Institute. He wrote/published hundreds of articles on the various aspects of political economy of Pakistan, and on a variety of issues.He is author of a number of books that include “Pakistan Mein Riyasati Ashrafiya Ka Urooj”; “Siyasi Partian Ya Siyasi Bandobast”; “Pakistani KashaKash” in Urdu; and “Charter of Liberty” and “Pakistan’s Democratic Impasse” in English.

Dr. Khalil Ahmad

Political Philosopher, Writer, Public Intellectual, Founder of think tank



Policy Research Institute of Market Economy

آزاد معیشت – خوشحال پاکستان