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Fair Tax Convention, August 2018

The elections of July 2018 marks a turning point in our history. The new political government enters the center stage burdened by massive public expectations. The policies opted by the first cabinet will set the tone for the next five years, and these very policies could make or break the National Economy. Reeling at 172 out of 190 countries in paying […]

Intricacies of a Managed Float Regime

Devaluation and its effects have remained a common argument and a point of conflict among many economists. Most economists feel that devaluation tends to bring harm for a country and its economy, while other economists have a contrasting opinion. In the present year, many countries have become victims to sudden devaluation of their respective currencies. Pakistan is among these countries […]

Is Devaluation Bad for Pakistan?

Money is a medium of exchange in the form of notes or coins, used to pay for products or services bought both locally and internationally. While selling products internationally the exchange rate of currencies is an important factor. It’s basically the price of one currency in terms of another currency. There are two types of exchange rates one’s floating exchange […]

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