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Working Group Meeting on Improvement of Pakistan’s contract enforcement ranking

Weak and outdated civil laws around contracts are the biggest impediment to their enforcement. This was held in agreement by members of the civil society, the business community, media, and government in the 2nd Working Group meeting to Improve Pakistan’s Contract Enforcement Ranking, organised by the Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME).

Tax policy, debt financing: Budget 2017-18 – fixing fundamental flaws

Besides presenting a plan as to how the government intends to tax and how it plans to spend its money, the federal budget is also meant to provide the economy with a sense of direction regarding its priorities and future growth.

Analysis: Budget 2017 – 18

by Amna Memon For the past three years, Pakistan has been pursuing macroeconomic stability under the patronage of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It appears that the government has been successful to some extent, with the economy growing at a rate of 5.28%, the highest growth rate in almost a decade. The size of the economy also surpassed $300 billion […]

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