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Tax fact

Tackling twin menaces of black money and Tax evasion has always been a failure in Pakistan. In fiscal year 2014-15, FBR collected Rs. 2.58 Trillion against documented GDP of around Rs. 24.7 Trillion. #aiktax #taxfact #primeinstitute Now you can Donate and help PRIME to carry on its research and positive work for the betterment of Pakistan. Donate at

Tax fact

Wholesale and retail sector is the largest sector in respect of establishments in the country; if it pays its due taxes, it would be an immense support to the national exchequer and would enable the tax/GDP ratio reach a reasonable level. Unfortunately in 2014/15 only 2% of the overall base of the wholesale & retail sector paid taxes. why are […]

Policy and the Enforcement of Contracts (Exclusive)

The ability to make and enforce contracts and resolve disputes is fundamental if markets are to function properly. Good enforcement procedures enhance predictability in commercial relationships and reduce uncertainty by assuring investors that their contractual rights will be upheld promptly by local courts. When procedures for enforcing commercial transactions are bureaucratic and cumbersome or when contractual disputes cannot be resolved […]

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