About Us

Vision: Open Free and Prosperous Pakistan

Mission: We write, network and campaign for economic freedom

PRIME Institute is a public policy research organisation, a think tank, dedicated to the ideals of liberty, and limited government, free markets and development. Our Mission is to increase understanding of public policy based on these principles. We are fiercely independent, and non-partisan, with distinguished scholars from across Pakistan.

Our primary focus is to analyse the domestic and international policies of the Federal Government. Do such policies expand or inhibit liberty? If policies restrict freedom, we work to correct that. For example, why is Pakistan ranked 126th in Economic Freedom? Should the government be involved in the industry? What policies should be adopted to protect Pakistani citizens? And many such questions. Our philosophy can be described as Libertarian, which is generally interpretrated to mean fiscally conservative and socially liberal. 2014-2-6 monogram prime

We organise summits, dialogues, and lectures which are open to the public. We have published monographs, periodical reports, and books. Our events and publications have evolved around a wide range of economic issues such as free trade, informal economy, housing policy, social protection, export development, national debt and power sector. Our experts have provided expert opinions to Parliament. Our experts have been called upon to assist the Supreme Court.

Hundreds of students apply every year to our comprehensive internship program. Every year, we hold the National Freedom Awards, where we acknowledge citizens who have played a role in bringing liberty and prosperity into our lives. Our overriding concern is not with politicians, but with opinion leaders and the Pakistani public, who we reach through Op-eds, media interviews, podcasts, audiobooks, and our websites. Freedom needs a voice in Islamabad and the national media. If that is a value you share, support us, donate, or sponsor. You can follow us on facebook, and twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube. Thank you

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