Between promises and performance (2018)

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The objective of the report titled “PML-N Economic Agenda: between Promises and Performance” is to analyze the economic performance of PML-N over the past five years, based on a series of 10 reports under PRIME’s Government Policy Scorecard Project. The scope of this report is mostly confined to the performance over the governments’ tenure, based on the agenda targets, wherever applicable.

The performance analysis is further broken down to five major categories, namely: Tax Administration, International Trade, Public Debt, Energy, and State Owned Enterprises. This report has analyzed these five categories with respect to agenda targets, reforms or the lack thereof, and any other key issues surrounding the sector.

The annexure at the end of the report aims at critically evaluating and commenting on specific agenda targets, in the light of PRIME’s tracking scores. Each category is covered as a different chapter, entailing performance overview, major achievements, bottlenecks and recommendations for reforms’ sake.

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Between promises and performance (2018)


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