Debt, spending and resource allocation

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This report is a product of the PRIME Institute’s National Debt Conference held in Islamabad on October 26th, 2017. Supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the National Endowment for Democracy, the objective behind the conference was to initiate an open and informed dialogue on the status of public debt in Pakistan and its consequences for the country’s future.

The conference provided an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to share their thoughts on the subject. Though public debt is essentially a political economic issue, the dialogue in that conference took place in a non-partisan environment. It is the government which is ultimately responsible for decisions on debt. However, instead of making the forum as an accountability instrument or a charge sheet against any government, participants presented a cogent analysis, and precise policy recommendations and alternatives.

This report, therefore, serves as a resource paper on the subject of public debt. None of the contents of this report are owned by the author and is reproduced work based on the presentations and the speeches delivered at the conference, this note is to duly acknowledge all the speakers for their content reproduced in this report.

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Debt, spending and resource allocation


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