The WTO Agreement on Trade in Services: Main Issues Faced by SMEs in Pakistan and Their Solution

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Setting the Scene

Setting the Scene

This study was carried out from the 3rd to 24th June 2016 by PRIME (Policy Research Institute of Market Economy), Islamabad as a part of a CUTS International and Australia Aid Project entitled “Geneva Trade and Business Connation: South and South East Asia”.

”. The main objective of the project is to improve the capacity of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to provide input into their government and their WTO delegations so as to make their negotiating positions more fully aligned with on the ground conditions faced by small scale enterprises.

In order to obtain the views of various stakeholders on the issues that SMEs faced when trading services with other countries, primary data was collected through personal interviews, visits and telephonic contacts with several individuals and SMEs. In addition, a questionnaire (Annex A) was also circulated but response to the questionnaire was not encouraging. Furthermore, the previous work done on export of services from Pakistan was also reviewed.

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